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Most of our inspectors and consultants are also QEI certified by the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities, (NAESA, and hold certifications from Building Officials and Code Administrators International. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the State of New Jersey, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in addition to being licensed by the City of New York.


UEC was established in 1981 when the elevator “consulting” field was only beginning. At that time, property managers and owners normally handled all of their elevator needs and contract issues. However, as the industry expanded, codes and technical matters became much more complicated and in-depth.

The “Elevator Consultant” was a much-needed piece to the puzzle to assist managers and owners with technical issues, contract language, and compliance requirements. Many years later, professional elevator consulting services are necessary to achieve successful projects and maintain vertical transportation systems operating properly, safely, and efficiently. 

As time passed, and the industry became more demanding, our firm grew steadily with the addition of administrative staff members, consultants, field inspectors, expeditors, code experts, etc. to form our knowledgeable team. We consistently renovate aspects of our professional services to best serve the growing needs of our clients. Our professional relationships and affiliations with associations and committees have afforded us the opportunity to have a positive impact in the industry and its continuing growth.


UEC provides quality
vertical transportation consulting services
for a long list of distinguished clientele. Our
consultants are usually reachable at any time in
order to maintain a comfort level for our clients in any given situation.


Our priority and the main objective is to always
preserve the integrity of our clients to the best ofour ability; and provide quality services to meet their needs in an effort to achieve safe, reliable, and cost-efficient vertical transportation.


While providing quality vertical transportation consulting services to our long list of distinguished clients, our Team of Professional Consultants consistently seeks to stay innovative and informed of the latest technologies and advances in the elevator industry to benefit our clients and the riding public.

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