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General Consulting Services

Pre-Purchase Consulting Services
Construction Design

Investors who are considering purchasing a building, or are financing construction, often require third party appraisals of the existing vertical transportation systems to assure the soundness of their investment. United Elevator Consultants, Inc. will thoroughly evaluate the elevator system, including hoistway, pit, machine room, all operating equipment, and record all troubled areas—and advise of life expectancy of the equipment. The results of our survey are often used by investors in the negotiations of their proposed investment, etc.

The initial design phase of a new building is vitally crucial to its future success. United Elevator Consultants will work closely with the architects to bring the building design and elevator construction phase to a successful conclusion. We often prepare elevator work specifications, participate in bid analysis, bid invitations, preparation of required documents, ensure code and contract compliance, field monitoring and financial acceptance.

Elevator Performance Criteria
Feasibility Surveys

The need for efficient elevator service in a new or existing building to handle passenger traffic during peak and off peak hours is essential. United Elevator Consultants performs a series of audits on the elevator system, which include (but are not limited to) traffic analysis, clocking car speed (with a tachometer), floor to floor performance times, door operation, ride analysis, signal equipment, and recording general maintenance of pits, hoistway, car tops and machine rooms.

United Elevator Consultants conducts feasibility surveys and studies to determine if elevator service can be re-configured to meet the specific needs of a building and/or its tenants, etc. Upon completion of the studies, various scenarios are presented in order to afford management options for any service changes, etc. In the ensuing comprehensive report, we would provide options for short-term and/or long-term solutions for a particular elevator system, as well as cost projections.

Elevator Evaluations

With highly qualified, licensed elevator inspectors, United Elevator Consultants performs evaluations to determine if an elevator should be retained, replaced, repaired or modified to assure optimum performance. They also perform periodic evaluations of the elevator system in order to determine the quality level of the preventive maintenance, report needed repairs for code compliance, and to assure safe and maximum reliability and efficiency of the elevator equipment.

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