Violations Tracking & Management

How the Violations Tracking & Management System Works?

For the past several years, we have been providing Violations Tracking & Management System services for some of our major clients with properties located within the five (5) boroughs of the New York City area. Our system entails monitoring the NYC Dept. of Buildings Information System (BIS) on a regular basis to track elevator violations issued against each property. As you may be aware, some City inspectors do not always hand the violations to the appropriate parties during their visit at the premises. Therefore, when copies of violations are not available, our expediters obtain copies of the applicable violations from the NYC Dept. of Buildings. We then prepare a general spreadsheet for each building depicting all violation issues cited. The spreadsheets are updated on a regular basis to indicate status of the violations. We maintain close contact with the respective elevator contractors to determine the status of the work for each violation (i.e.: obtain reports on progress of work, test scheduling, etc.). During each month, we send updated reports (spreadsheets) to the property managers, informing them of the status of open elevator violations or issues pertaining thereto.

Our Goal and Results:

The goals and objectives of our Violations Tracking & Management system are focused on improving compliance, promote accountability for the elevator contractor, reducing the possibility of fines, legal action, or other financial repercussions, and moreover to ensure safety. Our clients have demonstrated to us that they are exceptionally satisfied with the outcomes produced by our Violations Tracking & Monitoring System.